21 Mar Eight Days: Thabo Mbeki in the eyes of his loyal disciple Mbeki, contained in his book Eight Days in September, the removal of Thabo Mbeki. “Seven days in September” refers to the seven-day period in September when Thabo Mbeki was removed from office as the President of South Africa. 1 May In September 20, , South Africa’s ruling party, the African National Congress, took the unprecedented step of dismissing Thabo Mbeki, the.

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Manuel had, in fact, left a letter of resignation with the presidency before travelling to the UN, in case septembeer the ministers had to resign. This was disturbing indeed. Not unexpectedly, the controversy escalated, with some within the ANC accusing Mbeki of encouraging resignations en masse in solidarity with him, an accusation denied by Mbeki and all those involved or affected.

Eight days in September : the removal of Thabo Mbeki / Frank Chikane. – Version details – Trove

Separate different tags with a comma. We have always septembwr to respect the jn Oath of Office each one of us made in front of the Chief Justice and other judges, and have always been conscious of the fact that the legal order that governs our country was achieved through the sacrifices made by countless numbers of our people, which include death. The wedding went well and as usual the Lord took over and it was a great blessing to many. As my brain went into overdrive 8 days in september the removal of thabo mbeki these matters, I could not but conclude that South Africa rfmoval never be the same again … and neither would the ANC.

As there was an objection to the motion being moved without notice, the chief whip gave notice with the view to moving the motion the following day.

As a congregation they had witnessed and experienced the pain and suffering brought about by the apartheid regime and the struggle to remove it.

This could only be done through parliament, which was why Mbeki and we believed this should be dealt with on the Monday, when the parliamentary leadership would be in office.

One need only look at the and settlement agreements in Zimbabwe and South Africa respectively. One can speak about the party the deceased belonged to but cannot use a funeral to promote one party against another or one individual leader against another within the same party. The crisis went on into the depths of the Saturday night, turning the activity in the house into something like a night vigil.


Sunday, 21 September During the Sunday service the national crisis was only referred to when the time dwys for prayers and intercession. It is for this reason mebki I stated in the early s that if blacks took over government and oppressed whites, I would go to prison again. This septebmer the president to defend himself in the public sphere rather than in a proper forum of the organisation.

If it was ngoko we must do it ngoko! There were complications occasioned by the formulation of the letter from the speaker of the National Assembly.

Interestingly, this was the responsibility of the executive rather than 8 days in september the removal of thabo mbeki of parliament, which is 8 days in september the removal of thabo mbeki it did not make sense for parliament to determine the time at which the resignation of the president should take effect, without consulting the executive.

The Removal of Thabo Mbeki. But this, too, would removap unconstitutional and another challenge invoked by mixing government with party. In fact, in the interests of peace in the country the president had very few options that had no possibility of undesirable or unpredictable outcomes.

Eight days in September: The removal of Thabo Mbeki, Frank Chikane: book review

Some wept, some were disgusted and others wondered what had happened to their ANC. For many of us in the struggle it was not about the colour of the people, the party, a group or a faction.

The answer was no, he was only obliged to tender his resignation to parliament. Be the first to add this to a list. Both the executive and parliament needed their lawyers to put their heads together to map out the best legal and constitutional route to effect the process.

Trevor Fowler was delegated to organise and manage it. He went on to say: Could the situation have been managed differently? Spetember all, in the years of the Frontline States, the Liberation Committee for Southern Africa, and the support the region gave to the liberation movements in the southern African region, the ANC could not take any major decisions without taking them into its mheki.

At this point, given the atmosphere generated by the decision of the NEC of the ANC, I realised that cooperation between parliament and the executive had been thrown out of the window because the same players at party level were 8 days in september the removal of thabo mbeki the leadership of parliament. What were the mistakes made within the ANC?


At the round-table discussion on African development issues the Ghanaian President John Kufuor told the gathering which included several heads of state that. The reality is that every event in the life of a nation or country defines what that country or its people become.

The president had agreed to resign and fays was no need bmeki set an unreasonable deadline for the letter of resignation or indeed set a deadline at all. Concern and uncertainty were written on the faces of all those who met us but they were unable to express their fears, trained as they were to serve the president irrespective of who it was rather than engage in the political processes which affect the party 8 days in september the removal of thabo mbeki government.

Some among us especially within the party believed that Jacob Zuma, as president of the ruling party, should take responsibility for government. In the circumstances the president could have ignored the demand and a crisis might have ensued.

The decision meant that the UN had to be informed that he would not be attending the summit and a special apology conveyed to those African leaders who had already arrived in New York.

Pan Macmillan posts by category: The question we had to deal with was: There are those who continued with the struggle at home, such as Mzwakhe Mbuli, Oupa Radebe, Gen Nhlapho, and many others. But as the head of the presidency a civil servant and secretary of the cabinet, I had to manage this change as professionally as I could, which required me to be neutral and objective.

The ANC was concerned about the resignations and called on the ministers and deputy ministers not to resign, to ensure stability in government, and meetings were arranged 8 days in september the removal of thabo mbeki persuade them to stay in office.

Og also may like to try some of these bookshopswhich may or may not sell this item. The mood was sombre, with some cabinet members fighting back tears.