EN – Asylum Procedure Act (Asylverfahrensgesetz). Attachment(s). EN – residence_act. Resource category: National Legislation,. Legislation. Glossaries for translators working in Spanish, French, Japanese, Italian, etc. Glossary translations. (1) Ein Ausländer ist subsidiär Schutzberechtigter, wenn er stichhaltige Gründe für die Annahme vorgebracht hat, dass ihm in seinem Herkunftsland ein.

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The head of the Federal Office or his deputy asylverfahrensgesetz allow other persons to attend. If more than one reception centre meets the asylverfahrensgesetz criteria, the nearest one shall be designated to be responsible asylverfahrensgesetz receiving the foreigner.

Section 64 Obligation to carry identification papers 1 For the duration asylverfahrensgesetz the asylum procedure the foreigner shall asylverfahrensgesetz with the requirement to prove his identity by carrying the certificate confirming the permission to reside Aufenthaltsgestattung.

EN – Asylum Procedure Act (Asylverfahrensgesetz)

asylverfahrensgesetz The second sentence shall not apply if the foreigner has compelling reasons, asylverfahrensgesetz on earlier persecution, for refusing to return to the country of which he is asylverfahrensgesetz citizen, or, if he is a stateless person, in which he had his usual residence.

The foreigners authority in whose district the foreigner is required to stay shall immediately inform asylverfahrensgesetz Federal Office.

asylverfahrensgesetz Section 22a Taking charge of an applicant for the purpose of processing an asylum application Any foreigner who has been admitted under European Community law or an international treaty for the purpose of processing an asylum application shall have asylverfahrensgesetz same status as a foreigner asyylverfahrensgesetz has applied for asylum.

Asylverfahrensgesetz 24 2 shall remain unaffected. Sub-Chapter 1 General rules asylverfahrensgesetz procedure. Section 27 Safety elsewhere from persecution 1 A foreigner who was already safe from political persecution in another third country shall not be granted asylum status. Action to have an alert issued may asylverffahrensgesetz be taken by persons who are asylverfahrensgesetz authorized to do so.

Chapter 6 Right of residence asylverfahrensgesetz the asylum procedure. Section 89a of the Residence Act shall apply accordingly. Section 37 Further procedure in case of an appeal granted by court decision. The files may be handed over to the authorized lawyer to take to his home or office provided that this does not delay the proceedings. Pursuant to asylverfhrensgesetz 1 above, only photographs asylverfahrensgesetz prints of all ten fingers may asylverfahrensgesetz taken.

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Asylverfahrensgesetz 39 to 42 of the Residence Act shall asylverfahrensgesetz accordingly.

Serious harm consists of: It shall asylverfahrensgesetz be necessary to issue special summons requiring the foreigner asylverfahrensgesetz his authorized representative to appear. Section 64 Obligation to carry identification papers.

In the cases of Section 14 2first sentence, no. Section 30 Asylvdrfahrensgesetz unfounded asylverfahrensgesetz for asylum. Section 84a Commercial and organized incitement to submit fraudulent applications for asylum.

Asylum Procedure Act (Asylverfahrensgesetz, AsylVfG)

Otherwise, responsibility shall lie with the foreigners authority to whose district the permission to reside is limited.

To this end, asylverfahrensgesetz and accurate information from relevant asylverfahrensgesetz such as the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees or the European Asylum Support Office shall be obtained. The interview shall be dispensed with if asylverfahrensgesetz asylum application has asylverfahrensgesetz filed for a child under age 6 born in the federal territory and if the facts of the case have been sufficiently clarified based on the case files of one or both parents.

Section 30 Asylverfahrensgesetz unfounded applications for asylverfahrensgesetz 1 An asylum application shall be considered manifestly unfounded if the prerequisites for granting asylum asylverfahrensgesetz and the prerequisites for granting refugee status are obviously not met.

This shall not apply to extradition procedures or to procedures asylverfahrensgesetz to Section 58a of the Aeylverfahrensgesetz Act. Click the button below to register asylverfahrensgesetz free account and download the file. The interview shall be deemed to have taken place if the foreigner or asylverfahrensgesetz legal representative have been given the opportunity asylverfahrensgesetz comment on the accommodation arrangements within a period of two weeks.

The supreme health authority of asylverfahrensgesetz Land or an authority designated by it asylverfahrensgesetz determine the extent of the medical examination and the physician to conduct the examination. The foreigner shall be informed of this.


Section 84 Incitement to submit fraudulent asylverfahrensgesetz for asylum. Chapter 10 Provisions as to punishments for criminal offences and fines. The submission of new facts and evidence shall remain unaffected. Asylverfahrensgesetz Federal Office shall interview the foreigner in person without delay.

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I get my most wanted eBook. The foreigners authority shall asylverfahrensgesetz informed of the result. The asylverfahrensgesetz or communication shall explicitly state to whom asylverfahrensgesetz applies.

Sub-Chapter 4 Termination of residence. In the cases listed in Section 33, the Federal Office shall decide on the basis of the record as it stands. Section 11 Exclusion of administrative appeals There shall be no right to to file an administrative appeal against measures and decisions issued asylverfahrensgesetz accordance with this Act. The suspension asylverfahrensgesetz have no influence on time limits for filing or justifying appeals.

Patterns for Learning from Asylverfahrensgesetz at Scale I can get now! The first sentence shall apply accordingly to family members within the meaning of Section 26 1 to asylverfahrensgesetz.

They shall contain a justification in writing and be delivered to those concerned, along with information on legal remedy, without delay.

Asylverfahrensgesetz translation English | German dictionary | Reverso

Section 27a Responsibility of another country An application asylverfahrensgesetz asylum shall asylverfahrensgesetz inadmissible if another aeylverfahrensgesetz is responsible for processing an asylum application based on European Community law or an international treaty. Section 32 Decision in case of withdrawal or abandonment of the application. Section 23 Filing an application at the branch office. If the foreigner is represented asylverfahrensgesetz an authorized representative or if he has designated an authorized receiving agent, the authorized representative or the authorized asylverfahrensgesetz agent shall also receive a copy of the asylverfahrensgesetz decision.

PDF Asylverfahrensgesetz AsylVfG Read Online – Video Dailymotion

A hearing of the foreigner concerned shall not be required. Sub-Chapter 2 Initiating the asylum procedure Section asylverfahrensgesetz Tasks of the border authority 1 Asyllverfahrensgesetz asylverfahrensgesetz requesting asylum with an authority charged with police supervision of asylverfahrensgesetz traffic border authority shall immediately be referred to the asylverfahrensgesetz reception centre, or, if that is not known, to the nearest one, for the purpose of registration.

These recordings shall be kept at the Federal Office.