fxG Manual. BEFORE USING THE CALCULATOR FOR THE FIRST TIME (MB). Chapter 1 Getting Acquainted (MB). Chapter 2 Basic. User manual, users manuals, user guide, operating instructions. CASIO – Calculators. User manual, View FXG PLUS pdf User manual. Download. Please keep your manual and all information handy for future reference. Declaration of Conformity. Model Number: fxG PLUS. Trade Name: CASIO .

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Appendix Appendix E Specifications Variables: This command repeats everything between the For-statement and the Next-statement. While the program list is on the display, press 3 NEW and input the name of the file you want to find. This command draws a graph.

Histogram start point -coordinate ptch Press If the Main Menu shown to the right is not on cx display, press the P button on the back of the calculator to perform memory reset. Chapter 7 Statistical Graphs and Calculations 1. Chapter 7 Statistical Graphs and Calculations 4. Graphing Chapter 4 u u u u casio fx 7400g plus manual To graph parametric casoi You can graph parametric functions that can be expressed in the following format.

Add to my manuals Add. Then command 3 Else.

fxG – Calculators – Manuals – CASIO

Graphing Chapter 4 Use the following View Window parameters. Check to make sure that the power of both units is off. Use the casio fx 7400g plus manual and c cursor keys to move the highlighting to the function you want to use and then press 1 SEL to select it. Jump Commands jump Programming Chapter 8 Example: Page 5 Graphing Chapter 4 b. Variable x start value End: Key Table Alpha Lock Normally, once you press a and then a key to input an alphabetic char- acter, the keyboard reverts to its primary functions immediately.


Page Appendix Should a battery leak, clean casio fx 7400g plus manual the battery compartment of the unit immedi- ately, taking care to avoid letting the battery fluid come into direct contact with your skin.

Casio fx-7400G PLUS Instruction Manual

After drawing a graph, display the sketch menu and then perform the following operation to make the pointer appear at the center of the screen.

This is also a type of linear regres- sion, but it minimizes the effects of extreme values.

You can use this menu to input mode changes into your programs. Omitting the step value automatically sets the step to 1. Do not input mamual square brackets when inputting a command. Chapter Statistical Graphs and Calculations This chapter describes how to input statistical data into lists, and how to calculate the mean, maximum casio fx 7400g plus manual other statistical values.

Don’t show casio fx 7400g plus manual this message again. Page of 26 Go. Use f and c to move the pointer between the two graphs.

Trace Graphing Chapter 4 k k k k k Trace With trace, you xasio move a flashing pointer along a graph with the f, c, d, and e cursor keys and obtain readouts of coordinates at each point.

CASIO fx-7400G PLUS User Manual

Mwnual settings on your general graph settings screen may differ. Table and Graph Chapter 5 u u u u u To assign values automatically within a specified range Example To assign values from —3 to 3, in increments of casio fx 7400g plus manual seven values total 3 RANG -dwdwbw Strt: The procedure described here clears all memory contents.

Data Communications Chapter 9 4. This command repeats the commands contained in the loop as long as its condi- tion is true non-zero. Programming Chapter 8 The graph conditions that are required depends on the graph type.


Page 27 Programming Chapter 8 Example: Page 3 Graphing Chapter 4 2. Key Table Chapter 1 Getting Acquainted 2. Chapter 6 List Function u u u u u To batch input a series of values 1. Page 97 List Function Chapter 6 u u u u u To delete a cell 1.

Doing so can cause deletion of data stored in memory. Page 11 Graphing Chapter 4 u u u u u To graph parametric functions You can graph parametric functions that can casio fx 7400g plus manual expressed in the following format. This command draws a statistical graph in accordance with conditions defined within the program. This also applies when storing inequalities. Internal operations use digit mantissa. Page Chapter 6 List Function Descending order Use the 4700g procedure as that for the ascending order sort.

fxG PLUS – Calculators – Manuals – CASIO

To exit the View Window, press Q. This command is a count jump that decrements the value of a control variable by 1, and then jumps if the current value of the variable is zero.

Statistical Graphs and Calculations Chapter 7 2. Chapter 4 Graphing 3. 4700g conditional jump compares the contents of two variables or the results of two expressions, and a decision is made whether or not to execute the jump based on the results of the comparison.

Getting Acquainted Chapter 1 2.