Buy El Caso del Creador: Un Periodista Investiga Evidencias Cientificas Que Apuntan God by Lee Strobel (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. El Caso Del Creador has ratings and reviews. Craig said: This book is not very well written both in terms of the writing itself and in being. El Caso Del Creador has ratings and reviews. Yvonne said: Although this is not on the ‘approved’ LDS missionary library, I read it anyway be.. .

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Was it in a hasty attempt to convert himself sel Christianity so he could understand and appe I completely appreciate Lee Strobel’s approach to investigating the truths within Christianity contrasting Mere Christianity by CS Lewis. The bible states that God is every where on earth and in heaven.

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I understand that there is no such thing as true objectivity in historical analysis the book is of course called ‘The Case FOR Christ’but nonetheless I was hoping for a much more rigourous academic argument to be put forward. Every debate that any of these people has ever had with an atheist would be like one of my physics graduate professors having a debate with a high school student.

El caso del creador lee strobel give this book 3. After about the third interview, I began to actually feel uncomfortable for him in that he was still trying to keep up this charade of confrontational skepticism.

But instead, Strobel chooses el caso del creador lee strobel quote books and articles about the seminar and devote most of his writing to a theologian who immediately refutes the Jesus Seminar.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Those that wrote the books of the bible, and those who kept those stories, did an immaculate job of preserving these stories.

I really hated the graphic details of murders at the beginning of each chapter. The study questions at the end of each chapter were very difficult to answer and may also put some people off So, far from going in for Christ, he went in to disprove Christ. Each chapter begins with a one- to two-page anecdote about an important court case which Strobel tries to write as melodramatically as possible.

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To encourage people to invert this order is very dangerous, and dishonoring to God, through whom all things are made and sustained. This started his journey and he began to interview theologians and books.

And that’s the thing. But the way they are organized will be a help to apologists. In addition, wouldn’t it have been more convincing if, el caso del creador lee strobel of interviewing an outspoken Christian psychologist el caso del creador lee strobel whether or not Jesus was mentally ill, Strobel had interviewed a skeptical or even agnostic psychologist who thought that Jesus was perfectly mentally sound?

It was a train wreck of faith. Overall, I learned a lot about el caso del creador lee strobel history of Biblical texts, including how books were included in the Bible, and more about the authors of specific New Testament books, but some of the chapters felt more like they were trying to disprove that it was impossible that Jesus existed, which they did a pretty good job of, but is quite differen I give this book 3. But despite his constant self-congratulating in the book, he doesn’t make a good argument that it’s highly logical based on the evidence.

The book definitely doesn’t read well to just sit down and tackle it all at one. A few things hampered my attention span for this book: This was a pretty decent piece of newspaper-style investigation on Christ. This book had the potential to be something transformative for people, but instead is only useful to people who are already firmly planted in their faith.

James had had a lifetime with E preaching and still chosen not to believe that it was God incarnate. He was well prepared with many arguments against Christianity when he confronted and interviewed well educated Christian theologists. I was given a copy to borrow at an Alpha Course a free and friendly course for non-Christians to learn about Jesus and Christianityand I’ve since learned that this book is very common among such gatherings, and held in high regard by Christian apologists in general.

I can’t say I found it terribly helpful though, either for my own research, or as a book I’d be likely to recommend to others. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. View all 7 comments. El caso del creador lee strobel read this a number of years ago creadir also watched the author’s video testimony.


The strength of el caso del creador lee strobel book is in the presentation of the objections and the answers given. Again, it’s nice to have “evidence” to back up my faith. Obviously, they were grasping at straws. I guess I was just hoping for alot more.

My major issue with the book, however, has to do with its premise an I’m glad this book has had the impact it has. Make slanted statements about any consensus amoung Biblical scholars, “the majority of reputable scholars are fairly comfortable with most el caso del creador lee strobel such and such. The author, Lee Strobel, was a lawyer and then a journalist in Chicago, covering criminal cases. So again, I don’t doubt the genuineness of Strobel’s conversion, but it’s a hard sell to convince me that Strobel as completely anti-God, and suddenly did an about face when he encountered all the evidence.

El Caso del Creador – Lee Strobel on Vimeo

Through his compelling and highly readable account, you’ll e The Case for a Creator A journalist investigates scientific evidence that points toward God. In the end I gave up and skimmed the index section at the back of the book, looking up anything that seemed interesting.

In short, I would have preferred a straightforward recounting of the evidence on behalf of Christianity. That being said, fl one should engage in a debate for which they are poorly informed; one should either be completely content with not caring one way or the other, or should put the time and effort el caso del creador lee strobel becoming informed enough to make a legitimate judgement.