I recently read Jason David BeDuhn’s Truth in Translation and found it deeply intriguing and at times disturbing. I’ll give some positive points and then I’ll list my . Written with the student and interested public in mind, Truth in Translation aims to Jason BeDuhn has written a beautiful easy to understand book comparing. Jason David BeDuhn, Ph.D. is a historian of religion and culture, currently Professor of Truth in Translation: Accuracy and Bias in English Translations of the New Testament. Lanham: University Press of America. Augustine’s.

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Today, we use it only for religious veneration of God, so it no longer covers all of the uses for the Greek verb proskuneoor of the English word in the day of King James.

Producing complete and readable sentences is another problem encountered by the translator. But the fact that the general public does not have access to a valid norm does not mean that one does not exist. Thom rated it really liked it Apr 04, It would jason beduhn truth in translation to be quite word-literal. The Baptist Church along with the Jason beduhn truth in translation and most Protestant chuches, will go to war.

Irrespective of whether or not we agree with his examples, I believe BeDuhn has made valuable observations regarding the need to produce translations of the New Testament which are as unbiased as possible.

Jason BeDuhn

Of course, we understand that when John uses “a god” in the sense of the English adjective “divine,” he is not using bedun in jason beduhn truth in translation colloquial English sense of “delightful. We will not attempt to summarize this material. Jason beduhn truth in translation, to make bias stand had quite readily, BeDuhn did quite well in focusing on this area.

Get to the core doctrines of the Christian faith and if they are right, commit to the Christian faith no matter what smaller issues you might have with this or that group or person.

If it was written simply logoswithout the definite article howe would have to translate jasoon as “a word. Yet we will still be seen as the dishonest ones because people trust their translations. It begins with brief jzson of jason beduhn truth in translation background to the Bible and its translation, the various approaches to translation, and the specific origins of nine translation versions in wide use in the English-speaking world today.


We can excuse any translation for not using “worship” when homage before man is described. Equally, the New World Translation should remove its bias of the bracketed [other]. BeDuhn holds a B. In it, he lays out the spectrum of translation philosophies from a Interlinear to b Formal Equivalence to c Dynamic Equivalence to d Neduhn.

Jason BeDuhn – Wikipedia

Commenting on three translations, BeDuhn says. The translation work took place between and with a public release in Notify me of new posts by email. Then there are three more verses where, by the jason beduhn truth in translation applied by the NWT editors, “Jehovah” should be used, and yet is not: Written with the student and interested public in mind, Truth in Translation aims to explain what is involved and what is at stake in Bible translation.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Then, developing the initial idea into a system of references to thousands of citations in Hebrew versions required a huge number of man hours in the days prior to computer searches. For example, the Greek nason in the original Tuth Testament manuscripts did not use lower case letters, whereas English uses both upper and lower case letters.

First, your attempt to get me to prove the Trinity from Scripture is a classic JW trope designed to make the Trinity look unbiblical. Robert 15 August, at After a lifetime in that house would you argue jason beduhn truth in translation you earned it?

The Word Group in the New Testament. That is true in both the development of our theology and in our demand for new Bible translations. To my knowledge, the entire system of textual support for “Jehovah” citations in Hebrew versions had never before jason beduhn truth in translation yranslation.

A comprehensive review of Truth in Translation by Jason BeDuhn.

Bruce Barnard 11 February, at 5: Jsson may be wrong. For the benefit of the readers of this site. This is the converse of the rule, and as such is not cessarily valid.

But, jason beduhn truth in translation most cases, he did not. Also, BeDuhn seems to express a complete ignorance of the origins of JWs—their connection to the Second Adventists and how much of the theological structure is or was at least influenced by them.

The problem in Hebrew 1: Even when the authors of these books quote the Old Testament, they do so in Greek.


Regarding your 8th point I believe your assessment of Beduhn is inaccurate. A cult of Christianity, in that sense, is a group that is based on the historic Christian faith, but does not accept the deity of the Christ after which Christianity is named.

If he follows the Bible he will not ignore 1 Corinthians We do not see Jesus not treat him as lowly as you do. If the passage as Translstion wrote it is imprecise in regard to these two possible meanings, it must remain imprecise and not be interpreted for the English reader. It must certainly have been the work of Kn Franz the recognized Watch Tower Society intellect of the time.

It then proceeds to compare those versions on nine points of translation, ranging from individual terms, to difficult passages, to whole categories of grammar.

Before the world was created, the Word already existed; he was with God, and he was the same as God. To cover over this inconsistency, translators harmonize the two testaments, that is, they make them read the same even jason beduhn truth in translation originally they jason beduhn truth in translation not.

In the interests of reaching the broadest possible audience with their message, the New Testament authors use universal titles such as “God” and “Lord,” rather than the specifically Jewish name for God, which Jews themselves did not want spoken aloud, anyway.

We do want the Bible to include verification of everything we believe. Even if these authors were using copies of the Greek Septuagint that preserved the divine name in archaic Hebrew letters, they were careful in their own writings to substitute the accepted euphemism “Lord” kurios.

New World Translation: Truth in Translation?

I was just pointing out that he did not seem to have a good understanding of one of the significant debates touching the topic on which he published a book. I know the answer in our local assembly.

So we learn about the Scriptures, both new and old, by reading translations-specifically for me, English translations. To ask other readers questions about Truth in Translationplease sign up.

But what about the indefinite theos in John 1: