10 Feb RFC; Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP). edit . rfctxt RFC RTSP is an application-level protocol for control over the delivery of data with real-time properties. RTSP provides an extensible framework to enable . The RFC defining RTSP. (rfc). (). Nearby terms: RFC «RFC «RFC «RFC » RFC » RFC » RFC .

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Any explicit references within that referenced document should also rfc 2326 listed: If not 1, the value corresponds to the rate with respect to normal viewing rate.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It may also give an indication about the timeline of the movie.

ITU-T A.5 reference justification

In other words, a range of a-b starts exactly at time a, but stops just before b. The degree of stability or maturity rfc 2326 the document: This rfc 2326 code is also to be used if a request attempts to use a method not indicated during SETUP, e. Serious operational problems may occur, however, rfc 2326 these transformations have been applied to streams intended for certain kinds of applications. It is a standards-track document rfc 2326 rrc currently in the “Proposed Standard” state.

This field 3226 be present in all requests and responses. Justification for the specific reference: Transports are comma separated, listed in order of preference. Thus, it does not introduce additional latency. The mode parameter indicates the methods to be supported for this session. The “level” parameter for presentation descriptions is properly defined as part of the MIME type registration, not here.


Relationship with other existing or emerging documents: The session identifier is needed to distinguish several delivery requests for the same URL coming from the same client. The server MUST echo the exact same value and MAY, if it has accurate information about this, add a floating point number indicating the number of seconds that has elapsed since it has received the request. The interpretation depends on the method: It allows clients to select rfc 2326 excerpt from the media object, and to play from a given point to the end as well as from the rfc 2326 location to a given point.

The Transport header MAY also be used to change certain transport parameters. Rfc 2326 media rvc contains descriptions of the presentation and all its streams, including the codecs that are available, dynamic RTP payload types, rfc 2326 protocol stack, and content information such as language or copyright restrictions.

Komunikacijski protokoli in omrežna varnost

Once a client rfc 2326 a Session identifier, it MUST return it for any request related to that session. The presence of an Expires rfc 2326 field with a date value of some time in the future on a media stream that otherwise would by default be rfc 2326 indicates that the media stream is cacheable, unless indicated otherwise by a Cache-Control header field Section Implementors should keep in mind that bandwidth for the session may be negotiated beforehand by means other than RTSP rfc 2326, and therefore re-negotiation may be necessary.

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A server MAY refuse to change parameters of an existing stream. 232

The block rfc 2326 MUST be a positive rff number, measured in octets. Clients that are capable of handling both unicast and multicast transmission MUST indicate such rfc 2326 by including two full transport-specs with separate parameters for each.

Real Time Streaming Protocol

If possible, the server should use the Range header to indicate what time rfc 2326 it may still be able to record.

If no value is assigned to max-stale, then the client is willing to accept a stale response of rfc 2326 age.

The media description is stored on a web server W. The server only returns an error if the value is syntactically invalid. C indicates to the media server that the network addresses and encryption keys are already given by the conference, so rfc 2326 should rfc 2326 be chosen by the server. That is, the client wants rfc 2326 response that will still be fresh for at least the specified number of seconds.

The address to which a stream will be sent.