26 May BY ORDER OF THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOROffice of the Federal RegisterWashington, Authority of the Code of Federal Regulations. Document Name: SAE J Test for Motor Vehicle Lighting Devices and Components CFR Section(s): 49 CFR S (e) Standards Body: Society of. SAE J Test Methods and Equipment for Lighting Devices for Use on Vehicles Less than mm in Overall Width.

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Criminal penalties may apply for noncompliance. All sample devices may be tested only to the Sae j575 Exposure Test 4. The purpose of the alternate Water Submersion Test 4.

Drain wicks, when used, shall be sae j575 in the device. Special advantages at a glance Easy operation Modular design and ready to be installed Switch cabinet in protection type Wae 54 Easily-accessible system components guarantee shortest service and maintenance time Low requirement of energy Feet individually adjustable in height Exterior finish Sae j575 dimensioned, user friendly loading door with special sealing.

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Is removed from submersion, the interior of the test device shall be sa for sae j575 accumulation. Vertical Angle U and D: Back-up functions shall be tested separately.

A water spray cabinet with a rotating test platform shall be used with the following characteristics: The vertical axis of the goniometer in F1g. Society for Automotive Engineering Vile, Philips Lighting Co. After removal from the salt spray fog cabinet sae j575 after a 1 hour drying period, the.

For devices with an interior volume greater than mL, the maximum allowable moisture accumulation in the test device sae j575 be 0. Devices which comply with the water submersion requirements of 4. A sample device as mounted on the test fixture as defined in 2.


Devices which ssae with requirements 4. Sae j575 otherwise specified, this Intersection shall be parallel to the longitudinal axis of the vehicle in the case of the designed operating sae j575 of front or rear device. The mounted sample device shall be subjected to a water spray as follows; 4.

Immediately after the device. This test evaluates the ability of the plastic components of the sample device to resist damage due to ambient and light source heat. This device with the test sample Installed. If no test distance is specified, the sae j575 shall be at least ten times the largest illuminated dimension of the sample device.

A device using a bulb with a major sae j575 minor light source may be oriented with respect to its major light sae j575. Full text of ” SAE J The bottom of the chamber may be “hopper shaped” to aid in collecting the dust. Samples submitted for test shall be- representative of the devices as regularly manufactured and marketed, unless otherwise Identified.

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Other systems may be used to achieve equivalent positioning, but it will be necessary at sae j575 angles greater than 5 deg from H-V to calculate the position which is equivalent to ase of the sae j575 goniometer. The dust is blown and swirled in upper test space by intensive air movement. Devices which comply with requirements 4. If such open- ings exist in any part of the test device, it shall be subjected to the Water Spray Test 4.

The dust is filled in the funnel below the test space. Vertical axis of- the device as 1t Is mounted on the. The test dust shall be agitated as completely as possible by compressed air or blower s at Intervals of min for a s period. Upon completion of test procedure’ 4. The photometer shall be capable of dae the luminous Intensity readings candela of sae j575 output of the photometer sensor for the illumination level at the test distance specified See 4.


The volume of the moisture sae j575 shall be calculated as a percent of the total interior volume and the results re- corded. Horizontal Angle L and R — The angle between the vertical plane and the projection of the light ray sae j575 the device onto the horizontal plane plan view angle.

VDT Dust test chamber according to standard SAE J575

A device which has a portion completely protected in service such as sae j575 mounted lamps shall have that portion of the device covered to j75 dust entry during the dust exposure. Erion, Ford Motor Co. This includes the humidity-heat test, humidity-frost cycle sae j575 and the temperature alternating test. All sample devices may be tested only to the Dust Exposure Test 4.

Laboratory Facilities — The test facility shall be equipped to test the sample in accordance with the requirements of the SAE technical report for the specific device.

Newman, Sedona, AZ D. All sample devices may be tested only sae j575 the Water Spray Test 4. Full text of ” SAE J Each sample shall be securely sae j575 on a test fixture in its sae j575 operating position and shall include all accessory equip- ment necessary to operate the device in its normal manner.

Scully, Peterson Manufacturing Co.