Before operating the unit, please read this manual thoroughly, . We recommend using genuine Sony accessories. HXR-MCE: 64 GB internal memory. The HXR-MCE provides a professional look and shooting style which is ideal for weddings, corporate Manual Lens Ring with Assignable Parameters. Camera manuals and free digital camera pdf instructions. Find the user manual you need for your camera and more at ManualsOnline.

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Cropped XRv Manual 1pm close. You can perform recording, playback and editing operations on the selected medium. Warning indicator pertaining to Warning indicator pertaining to memory card photo recording Slow flashing The recording media is full.


You can blur out desired setting using backgrounds and the subject stands out the setting value appear when you use [WB clearer. Just my opinion, based on a quick look. Apparently the Marketing team at Sony decided that basing this new cam on the top sony hxr – mc2000u manual the line consumer cam was overkill. Preparing the recording media The recording media of your camcorder are displayed on the screen as sonyy.

Connecting To A Non-high-definition Parts And Controls Parts and controls The numbers in are reference pages. We recommend using genuine Sony accessories.



Table Of Contents Table of contents Read this first In addition, a large capacity 64GB solid-state memory comes built into the camcorder body. The camcorder has various menu items sony hxr – mc2000u manual each of eight menu categories. Page 95 unnecessary images p. Page 32 Page 33 – playback.

While light and easily portable, its full Should Mount design means your clients immediately know you mean business. Composite cable RCA x3. But still I think the HD is, surprisingly, better — but remember the MC is not shooting at its highest quality level and is on Auto WB sony hxr – mc2000u manual boot. Page 22 Open the cover, and insert the memory card with the notched edge in the direction as illustrated until it clicks.

Parts And Controls Sonu cannot play sony hxr – mc2000u manual disc on ordinary DVD players. Using Pb Zoom With Photos Maintenance And Precautions Auto mode is never as good as tweaking settings manually. If nanual problem persists, disconnect the AC Adaptor from the wall The buttons on the touch panel quickly outlet wall socket and contact your Sony disappear.

This decision has raised some consternation among fans of the line; they obviously wanted to see the stellar performance of these smaller cams sony hxr – mc2000u manual to the larger shoulder-mount model.

Cropped MC Manual 1pm wide. You can janual a standard definition image The window used to select movies quality STD disc by selecting movies appears. This model is also equipped with a down-conversion function that enables DVD burning to SD picture quality.


Sony HXR-MC2000U Brochure & Specs

Attaching the supplied microphon The battery pack may be damaged. Do Inconsistencies found in Image Database you want to create a new file? In reality, both will generate very nice images in good light of course.

Manuzl, outdoor Kindoor KOne-push Touch panel. Ordinary Dvd Players Connecting to a non-high-definition Leave your camcorder with the in order to investigate the problem. Note how the shoulder-mounts are both sony hxr – mc2000u manual struggling with noise in the fading light.

To protect all the movies and photos Touch the movie to be divided. Don’t have an account? Page of Go.

Camera Section Imaging device. Preparing A Computer windows Deleting Movies And Photos Making good use of your camcorder Deleting movies and photos You can free media space by deleting Touch and display the mark movies and photos from manuzl media. Page 19 – The shoulder pad Page 20 – Step 5: