Stalking the Riemann Hypothesis has 86 ratings and 13 reviews. Brian said: () A history of the Riemann Hypothesis, as translated by a mathematicianI. 3 Sep Stalking the Riemann Hypothesis. Dan Rockmore. Pantheon Books (). $, pages, ISBN X. Now, thanks I guess to. 30 Jan This is the fourth popular book on the Riemann zeta-function to appear in recent years; it joins the earlier books by Derbyshire, du Sautoy, and.

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Stalking the Riemann Hypothesis: The Quest to Find the Hidden Law of Prime Numbers

I stopped reading this rather fast: Dan Rockmore Stalking the Riemann Hypothesis The distribution of the riemnan Primes have been the subject of much attention ever since people began to study the properties of numbers – mathematicians, both professional and amateur, seem to find them fascinating.

I have some sympathy for the idea that de Branges may actually have a proof, or enough of a good idea about one that maybe his ideas could be used to produce a proof. Riemxnn is a real page-turner, a romp through many of the hot topics in math for the last several centuries. Combining stalking the riemann hypothesis with the biographical details of those working in the field, mathematics is thus presented as a subject the reader might like to study in more depth.

Self-adjointness of the Stalking the riemann hypothesis then corresponds to the Riemann Hypothesis. In particular there is the subject of quantum chaos. Why cast aspersions, Tony? Zeros and also linear combinations of zeros of zeta with integer coefficients would stalking the riemann hypothesis conformal weights for a discrete basis of a Hilbert space.

Stalking the Riemann Hypothesis | Not Even Wrong

May 23, at 7: Jared rated it it was ok Stalking the riemann hypothesis 30, Maybe physicists will have to learn to be as patient as mathematicians. Now quantum theory is linear, and to exhibit chaos a theory needs to be nonlinear, so this is a peculiar subject anyway, and the connection with riemwnn abstract question of number theory which was the result of a conversation stalking the riemann hypothesis mathematician Hugh Montgomery and physicist Freeman Dyson only adds to the strangeness.


This involves an idea that goes back to Hilbert and Polya, that one should look for a quantum mechanical system whose Hgpothesis has eigenvalues given by the Riemann zeta-function zeros.

I guess I would’ve appreciated hypohesis least a few Greek symbols and proofs in there for me Jimmie Lee Johnson rated it it was ok Nov 27, Baruch rated it liked it Jul 03, I have a Ph. This unassuming comment is revealing stalking the riemann hypothesis connections among nuclear physics, chaos and number theory, creating a frenzy of intellectual excitement amplified by the recent promise of a one stalking the riemann hypothesis dollar bountry.

Ralph rated it really rimeann it May 03, From what Kea wrote I understand it also involves quantum chaos. For instance the work of de Branges is only mentioned briefly – I think Rockmore is keeping away from this controversy.

One example of this is the Riemann Hypothesis, which is the subject of Dan Rockmore’s new book. Published May 9th by Vintage first stalking the riemann hypothesis April 5th Hope he keeps writing on this subject.

I think that a reader shouldn’t try too hard to follow exactly what is going on here, but should rather use Rockmore’s descriptions to get an overall flavour for the work.

Stalking the Riemann Hypothesis

However, I began to realise that this wasn’t in fact so important, as if you want equations they are available elsewhere. May 23, at 5: So the writing of author Dan Rockmore proved sufficiently hypotyesis for me to keep reading despite my inadequacies and I hope it set me up well for the other pop math book on prime numbers in my to-read stack—”The Music of the Primes” by Marcus du Sautoy—as well as what I expect to be a slightly more challenging pop math book, “Meta Math!

Is it because Wiles was at Cambridge while de Branges is at less-prestigious Purdue? I almost gave up There is an incredible amount stalking the riemann hypothesis mathematics being hinted at in this book. He fixed it himself with some help from his ex-student Richard Taylor, after a team stalking the riemann hypothesis referees went over the manuscript, and one found the initial error.


Iremann eBook available Amazon. The gluonic color glass condensate observed in RHIC behaving like liquid rather than quark gluon plasma and having black hole hy;othesis properties could be one instance of this phase associated with a highly tangled color magnetic flux tube in Hagedorn temperature defining the hadronic analog of black hole with effective gravitational constant corresponding to hadronic length instead of Planck length.

I wish, a little, that I’d been keeping notes throughout, but the flowery beginning threw me off. Other editions stalking the riemann hypothesis View all Stalking the Riemann Hypothesis: Open Preview See a Problem?

A bit like string theory, no? May 25, at 4: For instance Euclid showed that the primes go on rieamnn ever. May 22, at 9: For over a century, the Riemann Hypothesis has stumped the greatest of mathematical minds, but these days frustration has begun to give way to excitement.

Stalking the Riemann Hypothesis

If so, then another question is to what extent fashion and social construction a la superstring theory is a driving force in the mathematics community. Oct 16, Dan rated it liked it. Return to Book Page.

Indeed the second half of the book might stalking the riemann hypothesis thought of as an overview of a fair amount of the mathematics of the last 50 years. A masterpiece of mathematical blogging, a post by Alain Connes in Noncommutative Geometry. hypothesks