Dr. Randine Lewis offers you a natural way to support your efforts to get pregnant . In The Infertility Cure, Dr. Lewis outlines her simple guidelines involving diet. 3 Jan The author, Randine Lewis, has training in Western medicine as an Ob-Gyn as well as a Master’s degree in Science in Oriental Medicine and a. Found it on Amazon, full title is The Infertility Cure: The Ancient Chinese Wellness Program for Getting Pregnant and Having Healthy Babies. It says “Lewis.

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I had a hard time understanding when my liver or kidneys were stale and the corresponding treatment. Do you have a wet, slimy tongue? Mar 23, Lewiss. You could be lacking in qi. As a result, her “diagnoses” and recommendations make much more sense than Dr.

The herbs and formulas we prescribe and sell in our practice are strictly that of established and high-quality herb companies who will inferitlity distribute their product to licensed practitioners. My library Help Advanced Book Search.

Dumb title, but a great book. Like The Infertility Cleanse, it does not promise success, which I like.

The Western solution to a drought is to open the floodgates of a dam upstream and release an enormous amount of water all at once. They had not given me no hope and had nothing for which I had to strain or some alternative.

Includes analysis of BBT charts, specific guidelines for conditions such as PCOS and unexplained infertility, and a quiz to help self diagnose. If you are not the intended recipient, any dissemination, distribution, or copying is expressly prohibited. I found the title offputting given the diversity of ways a couple or individual yb be infertile, but overall I found the book very useful and appreciated the maps tge the acupressure points so I could do some work on my own without my acupuncturist.

The final chapter is about opening your heart to the idea that life might have something else in store for you. In each chapter, the author includes infetility story of one of her patients relating to the topic discussed, which brings the information to life. However, there is a lot of very confusing, very detailed information on self-diagnosis and treatment.


In The Infertility Cure, Dr. Jun 29, Sara rated it liked it. But if you are looking for really good info on TCM and trying to solve infertility issues, read this book! I conceived easily my first time, so I feel like the infertility cure by randine lewis might be better for me to kick my body back into balance.

She gains additional credibility and insight from personal experience navigating the waters of infertility in her own life and ultimately finding success through use of The infertility cure by randine lewis Chinese Medicine TCM. Those dealing with fertility issues.

Infertility Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs Treatment New York City, NY

Exceptional resource and educational guide to the Traditional Invertility Medicine approach to infertility. Most of the health problems in our society can be randinr improved, the infertility cure by randine lewis, and many even cured by Nov 06, Erica rated it really liked it.

Lewis outlines her simple guidelines involving diet, herbs, and acupressure so that you can make use of her experience and expertise to create a nurturing, welcoming environment for a healthy baby. Minus one star for too invertility self-promotion and too many examples of people who were lucky enough to get pregnant after applying some of the principles in the book.

Refresh and try again. My only concern with this book is regarding the section on using Chinese herbs to enhance fertility. Great book and an easy read!!!

The Fertile Soul

These stories, which represent very typical situations, offer hope the infertility cure by randine lewis a human touch to the reading experience. Has made me look at the demands I make on my body in a new way.

I’ve been on Clomid for seven months to no avail and the doctor has no clue as to why I’m not ovulating.

Aug 14, Shannon rated it really liked it. Email Confidentiality Statement Confidential Communication: Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. It includes acupuncture and tbe techniques, herbs, massage, and nutrition, as well as specific information for particular issues like PCOS and fibroids. What myself lewjs some of my friends are experiencing is that we present with the infertility cure by randine lewis conceiving or miscarriages, but Western physicians keep telling us there isn’t much we can do unless we want to take hormones.


This is another book that I got for my practice.

After reading this, I felt like studying Chinese medicine. Also, I would be very nervous taking all of the recommended herbs especially for multiple conditions without the supervision of a professional. It’s frustrating, especially when you can feel that something is off in your body.

Dr. Randine Lewis, Author of the Infertility Cure

Nov 12, Mie rated it it was amazing. It seems more natural and I like the way TCM focuses on full body balance rather than trying to cure the symptom. In The Infertility CureDr.

It would be time consuming to implement all of her suggestions. Gives hope And guidance through a struggle where not much is given with western medicine. Discover what to read next. Lewis No preview available – A great read for any woman, as I’m sure we’d all like to have more energy and feel better.

It helps you better understand accupuncture, bby also gives you much insight as to how you can implement accupressure, herbs and dietary changes into your own daily life to acheive a similar effect if accupuncture is not easily accessible to you. I didn’t think this was a particularly easy read though. Topics include the infertility cure by randine lewis phase defect, advanced maternal age, recurring miscarriage, unexplained the infertility cure by randine lewis, endometriosis, fibroids, PCOS, and using Chinese medicine to complement assisted reproductive technology or ART.